List of Guidelines adopted by Temerloh Municipal Council :

  • Ministry of Housing and Local Government Guidelines.
  • National Department of Landscape Guidelines Series Jln/GP001/2001.
  • Department of Town and Country Planning, Planning Guidelines and Standards.
  • Treasury Guide and Store Management Agenda. Procurement Guide and Agenda 1995.
  • Entertainment Procedure 1996.
  • Malaysian Government Projects Work Specifications
  • Treasury Orders.
  • SIRIM Approvals.
  • Treasury Orders.
  • Safety Orders.
  • Service Orders.
  • Licence Conditions
  • Stall and Market Renters Agreement
  • Toxic and Solid Waste Disposal Site Planning Guidelines/Standard
  • Total Development Planning Guidelines/Standards.
  • Industrial Area Planning Guidelines/Standards
  • Factory Workers Housing Planning Guidelines/Standards.
  • List of public guides published by the council such as rules and regulations, fine payment methods and etc.
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