Objective Policy of Management Services Department Quality

"We are committed to create quality employees who are experienced and skilled, committed and productive in strengthening and achieving organizational objectives"

In fulfilling this Quality Objective, we practice Comprehensive Quality Management with the following objectives:-

  • Providing a forward moving workforce.
  • Increasing the quality of the workforce through coaching, training and courses.
  • Always providing benefits and incentive to employees in order to increase quality (motivation).
  • Ensuring work regulations, adoption MS ISO, Laws and Acts are adhered to.
  • Always transparent in performing service such as being friendly and tolerant.

Customer Charter of the Department of Management Services


  • All letters received are processed and distributed within two days.
  • Filling of vacant positions are done within 7 days of interview and acknowledgement from the Employment and Disciplinary Committee.
  • Confirmation of Employment for Permanent Officers who has completed the probation period and acknowledged by the Yang Dipertua as well endorsed by the Employment and Disciplinary Committee will be informed by related officer within 3 days.
  • Confirmation of Pension Status for Permanent Officers who has been confirmed is submitted to the Public Administration Department within 7 days.
  • Nomination for Officers/Staff to attend training or courses made by the Yang Dipertua is submitted to the agency that made the offer within 3 days.
  • Completed retirement document is submitted to the Public Administration Department (Pension Division) before the Officer retires
  • One year before retirement
    • Employment Record
    • Leave Record
    • Forms Pen. 15, Pen.16 and Member
  • 6 months before retirement
    • Employment Record/Leave record updated until the retirement date.
    • 4 copies of Form Tab. 1
    • 3 copies of Form Tab. 5
    • 3 copies of Form Tab. 6
    • Marriage certificate and Birth Certificates of Children below 21 years old.
    • Copy of Identity Card
  • 3 months before retirement
    • 3 copies of Form Tab. 4
    • Income Tax Relief Form
    • Housing Loan Collection Instruction Letter from Bank (Attachment C).
  • All completed applications for the use of MPT's equipment from the public are processed and approved within 14 days of the event date.