In connection with a new standard of Council, logo Council had been alter to new logo based upon following concept :


  • Five abstract line blades form “T” means TEMERLOH.
  • Five abstract line blades carry the meaning of Temerloh Municipal Council functioning based on Five National Principles.
  • Three abstract line blades in blue means Municipal Development implemented on principle of Efficiency, Effectiveness and Integrity.
  • Two abstract line blades in yellow means Temerloh as district in Pahang State where its citizens carry fully loyalty and obedience principles to King.
  • Jawi writing in red coloured represents Will, Effort and Sacrifice.
  • Majlis Perbandaran in green carries the meaning of municipalities that its environmental is protected and sustainable development.
  • “TEMERLOH” in blue represents municipal citizens’ unity, live in peace, peaceful and prosperous.
  • The whole logo that carries corporate image represents Temerloh Municipal Council as always dynamic, progressive and always ready to bring reformation, development and success at every time.