Licensing Division's Objectives 

"To ensure all business activities in Temerloh Municipal Council's area operate with valid Licences and Permits"


Licensing Division's Quality Objective Policy

"We are committed to provide the best service and within time frame as well as practicing Customer Friendly service"

In fulfilling this Quality Objective, we practice Comprehensive Quality Management with the following objectives:

  • Delivering a standard of service according to the customers' requirements.

  • Practicing a culture of teamwork that can improve performance to provide satisfaction to customers.

  • Practicing Quality Management System in accordance with MA ISO 9002:1994 (Trade Control) in delivering a good quality of service.

  • Providing enough exposure to the teamwork in order to provide excellent service to the customers.


Licensing Division's Customer Charter

Ensuring licence applications are approved within the following timeframe: 

  • New licence for business premise and Advertisement/Hawker/Pekan Sehari/Night Market – within 30 days

  • Renewal of licence – 1 day

  • Appeal of Licence Applications – 30 days

  • Licence Cancellation – 14 days

  • Ensuring the issuance of Entertainment Licence is given approval within 60 days.

  • Ensuring the issuance of Temporary Permit is given approval within the following timeframe:

    • Festive Season/Expo/Carnival Business Permits – 30 days

    • Ramadhan Market Permit – 30 days

    • Pekan Sehari/Night Market/Farmers' Market Traders Permits – 1 day

    • Five-foot Way Permit – 1 day

    • Open Area Permit – 1 day

    • Seasonal Fruit Permit – 1 day

    • Promotional Sale Permit – 1 day

  • Ensuring actions on all customers' complaints are taken within 3 days.

  • All telephone queries relating to licensing matters are answered immediately.


Licensing Division Scope of Work

  • Processing all types of licences in accordance with the Council's By-laws.

  • Acting as Secretariat for the Temerloh Municipal Council's Licensing Committee.

  • Preparing the Licensing Division's Budget

  • Making efforts to develop petty traders through counseling, courses, seminars and etc and by providing more business opportunities.

  • Making efforts to reorganize trading sites to suit current conditions.

  • Reviewing existing licence rates and submitting proposals for the Committee's review.

  • Implementing all Licensing policies as specified by the Council's Full Meeting.

  • Ensuring actions are taken on all customers' complaints.