Terms of Use Data Open Government 1.0
The use of data or re-use of data shall abide by the terms and conditions below.

1. The use of data under the terms of this
Data owners authorize the use of data without any charge.

2. Users can perform the following:
(I) copy, publish, distribute, and move data;
(Ii) Adaptation of data;
(Iii) Use of data for commercial and non-commercial; and
(Iv) Merge data with other data or data summarized in the product or application.

3. Should perform any of the specified in para 2, the user MUST:
(I) State resources in product data or applications based on the statement given by the owner of the data;
(Ii) Provides links to these Terms of Use; and
(Iii) If the data owner does not provide a statement of the owner of intellectual property data, users must use a statement like the following:
"Data and information are subject to the Terms of Use Malaysian Government Open Data 1.0"

These Terms of Use do not assign any rights to:
(I) personal data;
(Ii) The name, emblem, logo or any other official symbol of the owner of the data;
(Iii) Logo public sector organizations or departments;
(Iv) the royal emblem and symbol of the military;
(V) The right of third parties to whom the data owner has no power against him;
(Vi) Any intellectual property rights including patents, trademarks and design rights; and
(Vii) the identity document such as passport, identity card.

(I) The data is in the form as provided by the owner of the data. Data owners are exempted from any representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in respect of data; and
(Ii) The data owner is not responsible for any errors and data loss. The data owner is not responsible for any kind of loss, injury or damage resulting from the use of such data. Data owner does not provide a guarantee provided data continuously.

6. LAW
These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction and the owner of the data is the main owner of the data.

 Amendment Date: September 30, 2015