Objective Policy of Landscape Department Quality

"We, with full commitment, will provide efficient, fast and quality service".

In fulfilling this Quality Policy, we practice Comprehensive Quality Management with the following objectives:-

  • To create a ‘town-garden' through quality comprehensive landscape development in order to fulfill the needs and well-being of residents.
  • To improve the environment in cleanliness, beauty, comfort and safety. To drive and control landscape developments through the implementation of policies, procedures and regulations.
  • To maintain balance between development and environment through quality activities.
  • To store the latest information on environmental programmes in development projects.
  • To encourage close relationship with parties involved in the landscape industry


Customer Charter for the Department of Landscape

  • Strive towards Temerloh becoming ‘green' and attractive through organised and systematic Tree Planting Activities and Programmes.
  • To ensure that each new residential area is planted with shade or small trees according to MPT's guidelines.
  • To check and take action on each complaint received within 3 days.
  • To ensure that maintenance level of plants are always in a good and satisfactory condition.
  • To ensure that review of completed landscape plans approval applications are submitted to the Development Division within 2 weeks.
  • To provide quality plant rental and decorations.