Location: Felda Jenderak Selatan, Kuala Krau

 Seladang (Wild Ox)

This is a place the wild ox is tamed after being caught. The reservation is a centre to conserve these animals to prevent them from extinction. 

Wild Ox Wild Ox enclosures

Visitors are allowed to observe the animals up close in their enclosures. To view them, visitors are invited to walk around the area to all the enclosures where the wild ox are kept.

Visitors walk to enclosures Wild Ox

There are 36 wild ox placed in 5 large enclosures provided. However, there are a few which will be transferred. All the animals are given names according to their gender such as Noni, Pooja, Ciku, Mawar, Michael, Ogy and etc. There are also tame seladangs which can get friendly with the visitors.

 Wild Ox

This centre is also a place for research for university students. It is also frequently visited by foreign tourists. For information to potential visitors, in the event that the seladangs ran amuck or became enraged, they can be calmed by using tree branches or small pebbles because these animals fear these two items. There is no cause for fear because the seladangs are placed in strong metal enclosures.

Last Updated: Thursday, 6 October 2022 - 11:41am